Shopify Product Upload Services

We, at India eCom Solutions, reduce your cumbersome & time consuming task by simplifying your complete shopify product management. We are capable in creating & maintaing your product inventory in excel sheets and importing it in a .csv format as you desire for Shopify Bulk Product Uploads or Batch Updates. Our shopify product upload services include uploading product and price attributes, category management, processing and uploading images, keying in shipping details, tax rates, etc.

Our team of expert at India eCom Solutions, can extract the product information from the PDF or Excel catalogs that you share with us or we can as well cull out the relevant information from your manufacturers sites to enter the information into your catalog. If necessary, we can also abstract the product images from the manufacturer’s site. With the help of our photo editing team, we can edit and resize it in Photoshop in conformity with the image uploading guidelines of Shopify, and finally upload the images to your product page.

Key Highlights of our Shopify Data Entry Services

Shopify Product Data Entry

Our experienced team of Shopify product upload specialists can enter products both manually as well as in batches using .csv file format. We help you create your Shopify product listings, keying in the specific details like product title, SKU or UPC, long and short description, images and caption, price, sales price, discounts and special offers, quantity and shipping weight, manufacturer, product URL, etc.

Creating Customized Shopify Collections and Assigning Product Categories

We help you create a smart and a customized collection to organize your products by assembling them into categories or subcategories based on product criteria, like prices, sizes, styles, or any others as suggested by you – helping your customers easily cruise through your product lineup.

Shopify Product Image Enhancement and Upload

By uploading clear and alluring digital images of your products, we help you drive your online shoppers into positive consumer activity. To convert your low-resolution and average quality images into high resolution images, and other image enrichments, we offer comprehensive Shopify product image enhancement services including:

  • Product image editing and retouching
  • Removing all undesirable background elements,
  • Cropping, masking, and resizing the product images, etc.

We ensure that your product images are in strict conformity with Shopify’s product image guidelines in maintaining the product file size and file format. We keep it in sync with the Shopify product image naming conventions and in line with your product ID.

Shopify Product Description Writing

Our content writers at are expert at creating feature-rich product descriptions that are compelling not only to your prospects but also to the search engines. We can proficiently repurpose your unrefined product descriptions into unique, interesting and SEO oriented product descriptions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for Promoting Your Shopify Store

We ensure that we create SEO-friendly meta tags like product page title, keywords, description and search engine oriented URLs for all the product and category pages listed in your Shopify catalog. This helps you garner better visibility in search engines.

Shopify Upsell And Shopify Cross-Sell

We are skilled at exploiting Shopify Upsell and Shopify Cross-sell features to help you accelerate your sales and promote related items, accessories, etc., by listing your product entries popular products, related products, also purchased fields.

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