Amazon Product Listing Services

If you want to sell your products on Amazon website, our expert team will help you in Amazon Product Listing services.

Product information is very crucial for the customers, which help the customers in taking decision as to buy the products from the store. That is the reason we give importance on good content and accurate categorization. Take a look at key highlights of our Amazon product data entry services:

Product Title & Descriptions:-

Good titles help customers to identify products from the product categories. We add the item name along with the following information, where applicable:

  • Brand name, series and model number
  • Size and color
  • Product type; defining characteristics/key features

Product Images:-

Product images play a very vital role in increasing sales. Good images represent the products & help in increasing the sales. We provide various services relating to images such as images processing, image retouching, image cleanup, image resizing and image background editing, etc.

  • We display your main product images against a white background
  • We remove the accessories or other items from your image so that it only shows the main product
  • We maintain all the technical specifications listed down by Amazon, including the size, resolution, and preferred file format
  • Fully-formed and valid image URL with no spaces or non-standard characters

Key Product Features:-

We summarizing your product’s key features to help customers evaluate your product and lead them to read the product description for more detail.

  • We keep the information factual and descriptive
  • We outline the most significant features/attributes of the product, including model numbers, product dimensions, etc., where relevant

Product Description:-

We help your customers with clear, concise, and actual product descriptions, describing product’s vital features, comprising size and color, and compatibility information, which give the customer a fair idea about the products that they are looking for.

Brand and Manufacturer:-

We feed in Brand and manufacturer information to help your customers to identify products.

Box Contents:-

We ensure that we have listed everything that is included with the main product.

Correct Product Categorization:-

We categorize the products with its correct descriptions & feature, which hlps the customer in searching the products on the Amazon store. We ensure no duplicacy of details of products on the store.

Search Terms:-

We provide key words for searching the products, which helps the customer in searching the products comfortably without any hassle.

Advantages of Working with Us:-

  • As we have skilled professionals who support the client with efficient Amazon Product listing activities.
  • We use various tools for managing mass product listings on Amazon.
  • We maintain your products on the store & provide the flexibility to change your products at any time.
  • The product details shared by you will be useful for us in maintain your product data base. You can share the data via. Print or digital catalogues, web address of the supplier or manufacturer.
  • We can also log in from your remote system.

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As each product itinerary goes through several stages and segments to get qualified under the appropriate category and web position, product data entry on online eCommerce platforms gets laborious and time consuming. With our wide experience in managing product listings on Amazon seller central and a team of expert professionals, India eCom Solutions can help you run and manage your store on a regular basis. We also have the expertise and know-how to tackle Amazon BARCODES or ASINS and getting eBay feed work with Amazon text files.

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